Wapta Ski Traverse Pictures

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Day 1 - Friday 14th - Tom, Mark, Steve in to Peyto hut

In the third picture note the prominent rib on the left to access the moraine for safer avy route
View from Peyto lake  View of Peyto lake  exit from Peyto lake  View of Peyto glacier

    Peyto hut 

Day 2 - Saturday 15th - Tom, Steve, Mark travel Peyto to Bow hut; John, Lino, Robin climb up to Bow hut; Tom and Mark climb St. Nicholas with Chris

View from Peyto hut    Bow hut 

Tom and Mark, with Chris, climb St. Nicholas
On top of St. Nicholas  St. Nicholas  Tom and Mark on St. Nicholas  Chris on St. Nicholas

Along the knife-ridge, and a view of the St. Nicholas ridge from the south
Descending from St. Nicholas   View of St. Nicholas   

Day 3 - Sunday 16th - Bow to Balfour hut

Starting out from Bow  Starting from Bow  Digging a pit on Mt. Gordon  Mt. Gordon

Day 4 - Monday 17th - Down Waves Creek for some skiing

    Down Waves Creek  Back to the Balfour hut in wind and snow 
   Balfour Hut 

Day 5 - Tuesday 18th - Over the Balfour high col

Prepping for the mime show and leaving the hut
  Balfour hut  Balfour hut

Up to the col, under and right of the nunatak, ice and seracs to our right
Setting up for the Balfour high col   Upt to the Balfour col  Up to the Balfour col  Up to the Balfour col

Lunch on the high col and resting in the Scott Duncan hut

Day 6 - Wednesday 19th - Visit Balfour glacier and ski below Scott Duncan hut


Mt. Niles through the clouds  Group above Balfour glacier  View from Scott Duncan hut  

Day 7 - Thursday 20th - Out from Scott Duncan hut via bench above Niles canyon


At the end, and Lino goes for one last steep line
View exiting from Niles        

Additional Pictures