Bernese Oberland Ski Trip

March 28th - April 4th 2010 in Switzerland

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Pictures and reports from other ski trips

Day 1 - Sunday 28th - to the Moenchsjoch hut

Grund  Kleine Scheidegg  Inside the Eiger  Moench hut

Day 2 - Monday March 29 - Try to climb the Moench

Approach to Moench  Base of the S rib   Base of the rib 
Part way up   Retreating in the wind  Resting in the Moench hut 

Day 3 - Tuesday March 30 - Transfer to Finsteraarhorn hut

White-out on the Jungfraufirn  White-out on the Jungfraufirn 

Day 4 - Wednesday March 31st - Climb Wyssnollen (3590m)

Clear views from the hut, then it clouded up
View from Finsteraarhorn hut   View from Finsteraarhorn hut  View from Finsteraarhorn hut  Below Finsteraarhorn hut 
Hut gets re-supplied, then climging Wyssnollen

Day 5 - Thursday April 1st - Back to Konkordia hut

Up and over the Grunhornlucke in fog and snow


Views from the Konkordia hut

Day 6 - Friday April 2nd - Climb the Gunegghorn (3860m)

Early morning start and sunrise

climbing the Grunegghorn


returning to the Konkordia hut


view of the Konkordia hut, and from the Konkordia up
towards the Jungfraujoch and towards the Kranzberg (which we climbed)
(note that the hut, when originally built in 1877, was about 20m above the glacier -
the glacier has receded about 80-100m since and now it's about 120m above)

View towards the Hollandia hut

Day 7 - Saturday April 3rd - to the Hollandia via the Kranzberg (3666m)


Day 8 - Sunday April 4th - exit from Hollandia to Blatten

At the Hollandia hut, then skiing in snow to our chins

Detail of the track map where the avy got a little dicey
Bernese Alps overall