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Tom, Lino, Robin, Mark, and John have undertaken various backcountry and ski mountaineering trips over the years. Some trips have involved more traversing than skiing, some ran into bad weather. Others were glorious expeditions with long days and sunshine. All required planning and mountaineering skills (so don't undertake something like this lightly) but the rewards from being in big mountain terrain were magnificant. You can find trip reports and pictures by following the links below.
LQ Outpost, Valkyr Range, 2019

LQ Outpost

The funf ride again - for the first time since 2012 the group is back together, - this time in the British Columbia wilderness of the southern Selkirks, Valkyr range, outside of Nakusp. Seven days in hut with Robin, Lino, Mark, John.

Austria Swift Creek Cabins, 2018

Swift Creet

Back to ski adventures - this time in the British Columbia wilderness outside of Valemount (west of Jasper). Five days in the cabins with Robin, Lino, Sue, Rodney, Amy.

Switzerland 2012


Another attempt on the Bernese Oberland - once again defeated by fog, snow, weather, etc. We ended up with a wonderful day climbing Monte Rosa (Dufourspitze 4634m) but even then didn't make it to the top - too much snow.

Pika Glacier, Alaska Range 2011


Another ski adventure - this time on the Pika glacier in Denali National Park in the Alaska range. A week on the glacier, two meters of new snow, nobody within a day's hike, beautiful weather, this was the trip we've dreamed of.

Bernese Oberland, Switzerland 2010

Bernese Oberland

The mountains of the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland host the largest glacier and some of the higher peaks in Europe. The trip was supposed to be a gala of skiing and climbing. Instead, the weather was full-on winter with snow, wind, white-out, and cold.

Wapta Icefields, Canada, 2008


The classic ski mountaineering tour of the Wapta icefields in the Canadian Rockies.

Tahoe Traverse, California, 2009


This wanna-be world-class ski-mountaineering traverse is a slog along the spine of the Sierras directly west of Lake Tahoe, almost 60 miles from I-80 on the north to I-50 in the south.

Sierra High Route, 2006

Sierra High Route

An east-to-west traverse of the high Sierras in California, starting near Independence CA and ending in the Sequouia National Park above Three Rivers CA. The trip is about 45 miles and the route stays above 11,000 feet most of the trip.

Mt. Adams, Washington, 2004

Mt. Adams

While not the regular crew, this trip up one of the Pacific Northwest's big volcanos is a classic. We had great weather and except for the first couple hundred meters of scratchy snow the run down was buttery corn.

Valhalla Lodge, Canada, 2010


A beautiful ski lodge in central British Columbia, about 40 miles NNW of New Denver. A cat takes you in at the beginning of the week, and then you skin all day with luxury food and accomodations in the evening.

Valhalla Lodge, Canada, 2008


A beautiful ski lodge in central British Columbia, about 40 miles NNW of New Denver. A cat takes you in at the beginning of the week, and then you skin all day with luxury food and accomodations in the evening.

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Jan/Feb 2019

Tom, Sue, Eric, David, Barb (in various combinations)
With maps for outings to Reynolds, Silver Fork Meadows, and White Pine
Alta  Alta  Alta  Alta 

Alta  Alta  Alta  Alta 

One last hike up to Supreme on a snowy & windy day
Alta  Alta 

Utah, 2010
(Top of Baldy Chutes and top of Gunsight at Alta, and Sue and Eric at the top of Red Baldy)
Sue on Baldy  Tom at Alta  Red Baldy  
Whistler and Alta, 2008-2009
Sue in Monitors  Tom in Monitors in Salt Lake  Whistler  Sue at Eddie's High Nowhere 
Wapta Icefields and Valhalla trips, 2008
Wapta Traverse - Along the knife-edge to St. Nicholas  Wapta Traverse - Mt. Gordon  Wapta Icefields - Mt. Niles  Valhalla Range - scoping out the ski run

Various backcountry in the Wasatch - up Raymond and to Gobbler's Knob, and toward No-name
  Wasatch in Utah - Gobbler's Knob  Wasatch in Utah - Gobler's Knob   Little Cottonwood in Utah - No Name Peak  Little Cottonwood in Utah - No Name Peak    

Tom and Sue on the Dekker and Spearhead Glacier, Whistler;     Doug, JM, up White Pine, Wasatch
  Dekker or Spearhead Glacier - Whistler BC  Wasatch, Utah - White Pine  

Sierra High Route Ski Traverse
Sierra High Route - approach from Symms Creek   Sierra High Route - camp below Milestone   Sierra High Route - camp below Milestone  Sierra High Route - Triple Divide pass      

Sue & Tom on Devil's Castle           Tom backcountry             Powder Day at Alta                    Top of Baldy Chutes (Note the happy grins)

Climbing Mt Adams (Washington) and descending the SW Chute: Starting early, a view of the SW Chute, hiking with Mt St Helens in the background, and down the SW Chute

Backcountry nr Banff