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Jan/Feb 2019

Tom, Sue, Eric, David, Barb (in various combinations)
With maps for outings to Reynolds, Silver Fork Meadows, and White Pine
Alta  Alta  Alta  Alta 

Alta  Alta  Alta  Alta 

One last hike up to Supreme on a snowy & windy day
Alta  Alta 

Jan/Feb 2011

Slackcountry with Edmond and David (slide David triggered with ski cut)
Sue on backside, and Tom & Sue studying the 3D maps
Alta  Alta  Alta  Alta 

Big day out in Broad's Fork
Sue at bottom of Diving Board, Twins, and Eric looking at Twins
Alta  Alta  Alta 

Eric - here's links to full-size of Twins Distant view of Twins  Closer view of Twins   

Feb 13 in Mill B - with Todd, also Lara and Allison
Mill B  Mill B  Mill B  Mill B  Mill B 

March 2010

With Nan and Hugo
Alta  Alta  Alta 

Crazy warm day at the top of Mineral Basin, at the top of Baldy Chutes, and Gunsight
Alta   Baldy Chutes   Gunsight

Trip to Red Baldy March 16th and down a NW chute
(in the last picture you can just see the tracks coming down the middle, but we actually started high up a little to looker's left)
Red Baldy   Red Baldy   Red Baldy   Red Baldy

Red Baldy  

February 2010

Single Chair was on wind hold, so we skinned the top

Mad River Glen  Mad River Glen   Mad River Glen  

January 2010

Backcountry with JH, Rodney, Amy, Tom, Sue, Eric, Dave P
Amy backcountry  Willows   nr Monitors?   nr Monitors?

Amy and Sue backcountry, and John with thin cover at Solitude
nr Monitors?   Thin cover at Solitude  

Backcountry with JH, Mark, Lino - note Mark's blow-up (no, not an avalanche, just Mark head-first into the hill)
Lino and JH  Mark   Mark   Mark

December 2009

Resting from the storm, at the top of Collins, and hiking to Baldy Chutes
Alta snow  Alta Collins   Baldy Chutes   Baldy Chutes

Baldy Chutes   Baldy Chutes   Baldy Chutes   Baldy Chutes

February 2009

Top of the Blackcomb Glacier; Tom, Sue, Doug on the Peak-Creek and at Whistler
Top of Blackcomb Glacier  Top of Blackcomb Glacier  Coming down Peak-Creek in wet snow  Blackcomb

The crowd at Blackcomb; Doug on Blackcomb; Sue and Robin at Whistler
Everybody at Blackcomb  Doug at Blackcomb  Doug at Blackcomb  Sue and Robin at Whistler

Doug and Sue at Blackcomb, in the trees, and at the top of the lift
Doug at Blackcomb  Sue at Blackcomb  Sue and Doug in the trees  Doug at Blackcomb

At the top of Jersey Cream at Blackcomb, and at the end of the day with Nan, Hugo, Sue
Doug, Tom, Sue at Blackcomb  Tom, Tom, and Doug at Blackcomb  Sue at Blackcomb  End of the day at Blackcomb

In the condo at Whistler Blackcomp
In the condo  In the condo  In the condo

Yoga, Doug the bandit, and Hugo the mouse-killer
Yoga  Doug the terrorist  Hugo the mouse-killer

March 2009

Steve hiding from the wind on Wolverine, and Sue on Wolverine
Steve on Wolverine  Sue on Wolverine

Too warm to ski - so antelope and buffalo on Antelope Island
Antelope on Antelope Island  Buffalo  Buffalo on Antelope Island  Buffalo on Antelope Island  Buffalo on Antelope Island

Steve coming down MI chute at Alta with Bill watching; Sue and the crowd at Eddie's High Nowhere
Steve in MI chute  Billy  Sue at Eddie's High Nowhere  Lining up at Eddie's High Nowhere

January 2009

17-jan Monitor Bowls (Tom & Sue, Rodney & Amy, JH, Adam, David, Eric, Bruce)

Monitor Bowls  Monitor Bowls  Monitor Bowls  Monitor Bowls

Monitor Bowls  Map of trip to Monitor Bowls  Monitor Bowls

19-jan Kessler (Tom & Sue, Rodney & Amy, Eric)

Kessler  Kessler  Kessler  Kessler
Kessler exit  Kessler map  Kessler exit

Maps from backcountry trips

SLC backcountry trips
Monitor Bowls (1/17)              Kessler (1/19)               Red Pine (1/30)               Maybird (2/03)
Monitor Bowls  Kessler  Red Pine Lake  Maybird

January 2008

13-jan at Snowbird, then 20-jan backcountry

Maps of the outing on Sunday January 20th


15-22 December 2007

Group in front of Goldminer's, Sue at the top of Wildcat on a powder day, Sue coming down Stonechrusher
Group in front of Goldminers  Sue above Wildcat  Sue on Stonecrusher

13-26 March 2007

Sue at the top of Baldy Chutes and Tom comming down

Backcountry up Raymond and to Gobbler's Knob (avalanche below)

Hiking in Capitol Reef because it was so warm in SLC - Sue in front of Hickman Bridge and Tom at the Castle

Tom on top of Navajo Knobs and Cassidy Arch (as in Butch & the Sundance Kid)

Sue and Dave Kliger on East Castle.              Digging a snow pit on the avalanche course (Chad & Vinnie, David & Craig, Craig, Sue, Karl).

Backcountry on 26-mar to Noname peak with Tom, Sue, David, Eric, Chad

24 February - 4 March 2007
Tom, Sue, John H, Robin, Lino

Tom and Sue on the Dekker and Spearhead Glacier, 1 March

Tom and Robin hiking up behind Symphony Bowl, February 26                Tom, Sue, Robin behind Flute, 4 March                                          

4-8 February 2007
Tom, Sue, John M, Doug, Steve S

Tom, Steve, Doug, JM, Dan Griffith hiking up from White Pine trailhead, with jury-rigged ski pole repair

Tom, Sue, JM, Steve, spring skiing at Snowbird

  5-11 May 2006
Tom, John H, Lino, Robin


Tom, Lino, Robin hiking up from Symms Creek; John at Anvil Camp

Tom and Robin on the second day                  Views of camp below Midway                      ...                       and "No-Name" pass                  

Breaking camp below "No-Name"    At the top of Triple Divide pass   Down past Pear Lake                   and out through the forest to Wolverton                    

4-6 March 2006
Tom, Sue, and friends

Doug, Sue, Robin, Hepp, David,
Lino at (surprise!) 3rd entry.             Sue & Tom on Devil's Castle          Tom at the top of Baldy Chutes

Sue & Eric climbing in the back-country (Willows)

11-19 February 2006
Tom, Sue, JM, Doug, Nan, Paul, Hugo

Nan, Paul, Sue, Hugo at Alta on Saturday

Sue and Tom backcountry with Eric

View from the Goldminer's Daughter on a clear morning

Sue at 3rd Door (with a gaitor)      Doug, JM, Tom, Sue                                                                       

Powder Day

 12-16 January 2006
Tom, Sue, JH, JM, Bill, Doug

Top of Baldy Chutes (Note the happy grins)

Tom at 3rd door                          Tom on the back side

Backcountry skiing Bonkers & Big O with JH, Bill, Sue, Eric (& Tom)